As the Lead Houdini Artist at Unseen Studio, I lead the visual and real-time experience design for Quai, a crypto and blockchain company. They envisioned a city-like environment inspired by the aesthetics of Tron and Blade Runner. Within this setting, we integrated key visuals that effectively communicated their services.


Lead Houdini Artist

Technical Director



Side Fx Houdini


Substance Painter

Davinci Resolve


Concept Exploration

In the initial phase, I sketched out various conceptual routes in Clip Studio, exploring a range of vibes and experiences. These ranged from more surreal to more grounded environments, setting the foundation for the project's creative direction.

& Development

With a clear direction chosen by the client, I delved deeper into the 3D aspect, focusing on the construction elements. My aim was to effectively integrate these with the blockchain and technological vibe the client desired.

Completed Project

The culmination of the project was a video and the real-time experience on the client's website. After meticulously creating the environment for this real-time experience, I produced the final high-quality showcase video.

Technical Execution

Throughout the project, I delved into numerous technical aspects essential for creating and viewing the environment in real time. This involved optimizing geometry, developing shaders for various scene elements, and utilizing a tool that facilitated the transfer of information from the 3D program to the real-time environment.