Crosswire, a security company, sought a rebrand that would fit both promotional assets and their website. I had the opportunity to create visuals for the initial branding phase of the project, followed by exploration for the real-time experience and, finally, a promotional video showcasing it all.


Lead Houdini Artist

Technical Director





Davinci Resolve


Concept Exploration

I started the project by creating several sketches, similar to a storyboard, to outline how the real-time experience would operate and integrate with the evolving brand.

& Development

Below, I've organized several iterations for the brand and then for the real-time experience. In the branding phase, I explored metal textures and gradients. For the experience, I focused on a labyrinth of permissions, demonstrating how Crosswire assists users in navigating the necessary security measures in a company's normal operations.

Completed Project

After completing the real-time experience, I created a promotional video to showcase it. Below are some stills from the video at the start of the page.

Technical Execution

As Technical Director for the real-time experience, I updated the tool I had co-developed with the team at Unseen, adding new functionalities. Additionally, I replicated the animation and created custom seamless textures in COPS within Houdini for use in the experience.