As Lead Houdini Artist and Technical Director for this project, I had the opportunity to create visuals for Blueyard. The client was looking for an environment resembling a galaxy where various sectors would coexist. This project involved a motion-focused part and a real-time experience, requiring techniques to replicate Houdini simulations in a real-time environment.


Lead Houdini Artist

Technical Director





Davinci Resolve

Substance Painter

Concept Exploration

The initial concept phase centered on exploring various shapes for the galactic space and alternative options, in case the client preferred a different direction.

& Development

Completed Project

For the final result, I produced several high-resolution images for various mediums, along with a full galaxy explosion sequence shown at the beginning.

Technical Execution

In the project's second phase, I had to adapt the galaxy expansion to run in real-time. This involved rethinking the point explosion's bake process for rapid GPU rendering. The solution was remapping the coordinates into 2D space and exporting them as an image sequence. For the section icons, more complex JSON formats were utilized.